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There are a handful of people publishing online whose every word is worth reading, and Brian Clark is one of them.  He transformed Copyblogger from an excellent copywriting blog into Copyblogger Media, a multi-million dollar powerhouse of  content and tools for anyone involved in modern marketing.

Now he introduces his next project, Entreproducer, a multimedia newsletter that will ultimately become a book.  He talks a bit about his plans in this Copyblogger post, and it sounds fascinating.

Stop! Do Not Buy That Commercial WordPress Theme

Client: “I’m really looking forward to starting this project, we’ve needed an new website for a long time.  By the way, I’ve purchased this incredible theme so we can jumpstart the process”

Web Designer: “Oh! Well…we’ll have to take a look at that” (Drops head to desk)

Web Designer Stymied by a Theme
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Leveraging Pinterest: How “Pinnable” Is Your Content?

Example of A Pinterest BoardYou can’t get far online right now without coming across an article about Pinterest, the hot new visual bookmarking tool. Pinterest’s growth is explosive, and content creators and “brands” are scrambling to figure out how to “leverage this channel” (hate the buzzwords).

Most advice focuses on creating a presence on Pinterest and pinning your own products or content. This is a mistake. The real strategic opportunity is in optimizing your content for Pinterest.

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Turning Customers Into Fans and Followers

Here’s a great article from American Express Open Forum.  Everyone talks about social media, here are some concrete ideas you can implement.

Domain Names: Protecting Your Online Identity

Your domain name is the internet address of your website, and also part of your email address (if you are using branded email, and you should be.)

Protecting Your Online Identity

Over the years, we have seen a startling number of scenarios where web design clients have absolutely no idea how to access their domain name or do not have control over the domain.  Do not let this happen to you.

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